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Encoding Linguistic Knowledge into Statistical Machine Translation for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English

  • Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) MEST No. 2009-0075211
  • 2009. 5 ~ 2012. 4
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • This proposal presents a research method that improves phrase-based and syntax-based statistical machine translation (SMT) systems for linguistically-distant language pairs such as Chinese-Korean (C-K) and English-Japanese (E-J). The main strategy is to encode the linguistic knowledge of contrastive analysis from the viewpoint of word-order and morphological typologies. A large-scale and high-quality C-K bilingual corpus will be created in the course of this research.

모바일상담서비스와 양방향미디어서비스에 자연어처리기술 적용

  • 인포뱅크(주)
  • 2008. 8 ~ 2009. 7
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • SMS 문자메시지 처리

National IT Ontology Infrastructure Technology Development

  • Sponsored by Ministry of Information And Communication Republic Of Korea
  • 2006. 4 ~ 2008. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH, in cooperation with SWRC (Semantic Web Research Center) KAIST
  • Purpose of this project is to build next-generation Semantic Web and the development of infrastructural technologies by way of constructing an ontology and implementing cognitive machine intelligence with a view to leading the oncoming age of the Semantic Web

21st Century Sejong Project

  • Sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea
  • 1998. 1 ~ 2007. 12
  • Developed by several Korean linguistic researchers and KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • The system function consists of Sejong Dic Editor, Sejong Dic Manager, Sejong Dic Net and Sejong Dic Eval

A Development of a Multi-lingual Information Retrieval Model

  • Sponsored by KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation)
  • 2002. 1 ~ 2007. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH, partially in cooperation with KAIST database & multimedia lab.
  • Its research area covers natural language processing for CJK languages, mono-lingual IR, cross-language IR.

Developing a Document-classification system

  • Sponsored by POSDATA
  • 2004. 1 ~ 2004. 6
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Practical Document-classification system based on the Naive Bayes Model

Developing an Example-based Patent Retrieval System Using Query Expansion

  • Sponsored by POSCO, Korea
  • 2003. 4 ~ 2004. 1
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • In this project, we develop an example-based retrieval system for patent documents and a Korean- Japanese cross-language meta-retrieval system.Our main interest is the performance improvement of example-based retrieval system using query expansion.To achieve this, we construct knowledge-base such as thesaurus and term clusters, and adopt query expansion techniques such as automatic relavance feedback and user feedback.

Developing a Chinese-to-Korean MT system

  • Sponsored by UNISOFT
  • 2002. 1 ~ 2003. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Practical Chinese-to-Korean MT system based on the syntactic transfer approach

A Development of an Example-based Document Retrieval System for Suggestion Examination

  • Funded by POSDATA, Co.
  • 2002. 11 ~ 2003. 2
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • The target system utilizes a Query-By-Example technology, document-document similarity calculation

Development of a Knowledge-based Semantic Processing Technique for Multilingual Translation

  • Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea
  • 2000. 9 ~ 2002. 8
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH, Partially in cooperation with Northeastern Univ. of China (Prof. Tianshun Yao)
  • Semi-automatic practical ontology construction by using the Kadokawa thesaurus, computational dictionaries, and large corpora

Intellectual Patent_Retrieval Expert System

  • Funded by POSCO
  • 2000. 4 ~ 2001. 9
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • The development object of this project consists of Text Categorization, Cross-Language Text Retrieval and Text Summarization

Knowledge-Based MT System from Chinese to Korean

  • Funded by the Korea Government & Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • 1998. 12 ~ 2000. 7
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH, partially in cooperation with Northeastern Univ. of China, Prof. Tianshun Yao
  • Practical Chinese-to-Korean MT system for a specific domain to be commercialized by Samsung Electronics

Developing Text Categorization System for Web Search Engine

  • Funded by KT (Korea Telecom)
  • 1997. 1 ~ 1999. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Web-site Classifier for KT's subject directory service (called infoCop)

MT Technology for Speech Translation (MT System from Korean to Japanese)

  • Funded by KT (Korea Telecom)
  • 1997. 1 ~ 1999. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Dialogue translation from Korean to Japanese, Based on COBALT - K/J (Collocation-Based Language Translator from Korean to Japanese)

Developing IR Techniques for POSCO Total Information System

  • Funded by POSCO (Pohang Iron & Steel, Co. Ltd.)
  • 1995. 1 ~ 1997. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Automatic indexer for Korean texts and its integration into BASIS-Plus database, CLTR-J/K (Cross-Language Text Retrieval): retrieving Japanese documents through Korean query, Study on intelligent information retrieval environments

Developing a Korean Morphological Analyzer and its Large-scale Dictionary

  • Funded by the Government (a part of Nat'l Project "STEP 2000")
  • 1994. 11 ~ 1997. 6
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • KOMA (Korean Morphological Analyzer): a general-purpose analyzer with high accuracy and robustness for practical use

Developing a Japanese-to-Korean MT System for Iron and Steel Areas

  • Funded by POSCO (Pohang Iron & Steel, Co. Ltd.)
  • 1995. 1 ~ 1996. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • COBALT - J/K (Collocation-Based Language Translator): translating Japanese patents of iron and steel subjects into Korean Windows 95 version commercialized by Samsung Electronics

Study on Korean-Chinese Machine Translation

  • Funded by Korea Science & Engineering Foundation
  • 1993. 5 ~ 1995. 5
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH, an int'l cooperative project with Northeastern Univ.of China
  • Korean analysis and generation under interlingua MT environment, Integration of both Korean and Chinese parts for a whole Korean-Chinese MT system

Korean-to-Japanese Dialogue Translation for Automatic Translating Telephone System

  • Funded by KT (Korea Telecom)
  • 1994. 1 ~ 1994. 12
  • KLE lab.of POSTECH
  • Dialogue translation model for a domain of hotel reservation

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